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About Brainturbo


The basis of the brainturbo method was first conceived by Georgi Lozanov. The concept was based on suggestopedia, but became known around the world as quick learning or superlearning. Lozanov, a Bulgarian psychiatrist, began his career in the fifties. He started off by investigating how the brain functioned, focusing on why children are capable of learning their mother tongue so quickly between the ages of 2 and 4 years. He discovered the essence of the answer in children’s state of consciousness, and this led him to experiment with how that could be triggered or “reproduced” when people are older. He began his experiments by teaching 150 words a day, but relying on his method, by the start of the seventies he was able to teach 3,000 French words to several people concurrently in a single day. This counted as a world record, and he still holds it since no one has bested it so far, but he was also the first and only person to have received a certificate of endorsement and recognition from UNESCO for his foreign language teaching method and results.
Brainturbo has repeatedly researched and analysed Lozanov’s method and indeed, the critical studies it spawned. Building on the basic concept behind the method but also enhancing it significantly, it has created its own technology. It set the technology on two pillars: one of these involves lab classes, the other entails teacher/trainer sessions. It developed a device for lab classes, which consists of a computer, EEG, earphones, video goggles, an MMI, subject scopes and system software.

Brainturbo commissioned the testing of its apparatus with the National Institute for Healthcare Quality Management and Hospital Engineering. 
The Institute qualified brainturbo’s EEG-based bio-neurofeedback controlled personal development and training apparatus as suitable, and made a declaration to this effect in a protocol and a certificate.
Thereafter, the apparatus was granted patented design protection from the Hungarian Patent Office.
Subsequently the procedure, along with the apparatus associated with it, was granted a patent from the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.
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Brainturbo Technology


Its essence lies in the most optimal state of consciousness for learning, which facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, i.e. the learning process, most effectively; in other words, learning with the whole brain, quick learning, or superlearning.  Audio-visual recording takes place in this “altered state of mind”, with information being stored directly in our “long term” memory. Control is neurofeedback, which means that the process is controlled by the state of our own brain, “receiving precisely as much information as it can accept and store”, and that is significantly more than the usual amount.  According to more conservative opinions from those trained in the field, learning is at least three to five times faster, while some researchers and publications claim that it is up to ten times faster.

On 22 April 2003, Dr. Ervin Berényi, PhD described EEG biofeedback as follows:
“…One of the most popular fields of the EEG biofeedback application is aimed at boosting attention, making learning more effective and increasing the performance capacity of memory. The use of binaural and visual activation in meditation, relaxation and memory-enhancing exercises is well known – states of relaxation can be triggered artificially by the appropriate binaural sound generators and by influencing brain function.
During biofeedback procedures, brainturbo applies a special combination of proved and tested techniques…
In our current understanding, the method has no adverse effects.”


Brainturbo Language Course

A standard course is composed of 20+20 lessons, translating into a total of 40 occasions. For optimal results, brainturbo recommends 2+2 lessons each week for everyone and accordingly, a language course takes 10 weeks, i.e. two and a half months. This enables students to learn nearly 1,000 words and expressions as part of spoken language skills. Students attend two kinds of classes; one of them is called the lab class; the other is the teacher/trainer class. Lab classes are designed to deliver information to the brain in an “audiovisual” fashion, and anchor it deeply into memory. The functions of teacher/trainer lessons include recall, drilling, association and getting results in spoken skills. Consequently, students take turns attending each type of class, hence the 20+20 lesson structure. If someone already has some language skills from previous training, brainturbo will determine his/her level of knowledge through a preliminary level test before the training course. Brainturbo language courses are remarkably effective in the activation of passive language skills and after having taken just a few lesson pairs, students often start to feel that the “world as they can explain it in a foreign language” opens up suddenly. Brainturbo does not force anyone to memorise material at home, but does encourage continuous practice and repetition, providing its students with all necessary materials and assistance.


Brainturbo References

Brainturbo technology spread relatively rapidly, thanks to the recommendation of students who have completed the course. Today there are more than 20 language labs in Hungary, with more being added each year.
The technology has a presence in several foreign countries as well.
Brainturbo technology is not only suitable for learning languages and disseminating knowledge, but also for developing certain skills and capabilities. Those showing an interest in the concept, including a number of people from the USA, were particularly “thrilled” by this part of our technology, obviously, besides its basic functionality of language learning.


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